Lease Management

Key features of iLeasePro Lease Management

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iLeasePro Dashboard

The iLeasePro Dashboard is the highly intuitive user interface to a summarized view of the most important lease information. The Lease Summary section provides quick access to key metrics used in your decision making process.

Lease Portfolio Management

iLeasePro's portfolio management feature offers the ability to create an electronic library of all of your leases in one centralized location. It is very flexible and fully customizable to allow you to organize, manage and analyze your lease portfolio by geographic location, property type, access rights or any other category thats important to you and your organization.

Critical Date Tracking

Missing a critical date action can be very costly. The management and notification of critical dates defined in a lease is key feature of this comprehensive lease administration system. iLeasePro provides the flexibility to manage and notify you of all of your defined critical dates; such as lease expiration, option dates and insurance renewals as well as allowing the user to create customized critical dates.

Document Management

Create a comprehensive and easy to access electronic library of the critical lease documents. Save time by managing all of your lease related documents in one central repository including but not limited to, leases, amendments, insurance certificates, photos and floor plans.

Contact Management

iLeasePro provides a single source for all lease related contacts, including lessors, asset managers, bankers, brokers, attorneys and utility providers. With the Contact Management feature you can assign roles to your contacts for each lease within the portfolio.

Rent and Rent Steps

Eliminate errors and the need of a standalone calculation process when performing complex lease term rent calculations. Simply select from the several pre-defined types of rent payments, add concessions, define the rent steps increase method (Flat, Incremental and Percentage) and iLeasePro will apply and calculate the payment costs through the lease term.

Comprehensive Lease Abstracting

Abstracting a lease can be very complex and time consuming. iLeasePro's intuitive and easy to use data entry flow and customized drop down selections makes the abstracting of the longest real estate and equipment lease an easy task!

Standard Reporting

iLeasePro offers over 50 standard reports out of the box with filtering capabilities to produce any variation of key data that you would require to fully understand the current health and financial impact of your lease portfolio. Reporting categories include Account level reporting, Lease Analysis, Detailed Lease Level reporting, Lease Audit reporting, Lease Accounting reporting and Administration reporting.

Try iLeasePro today. It only takes 30 seconds to get started Try iLeasePro

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