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About Our Company

iLease Management LLC, founded in 2012, is in the business of making it easier for firms to manage the lease lifecycle of real estate and equipment leases. iLease has developed and is actively marketing its flagship solution, iLeasePro. iLeasePro is a cost effective, cloud-based Lease Analysis, Lease Management and Accounting technology solution that brings transparency, information sharing capabilities and efficiency to the lease portfolio of lessees. iLeasePro has been developed to assist firms in complying with the FASB and IASB Lease Accounting standard changes.

In conjunction with complying with the new accounting standard, lessees will recognize the need to update all of the management surrounding the entire lease life cycle, provided there is a technology solution that captures the details in a user friendly, cost effective management solution.

Most companies are currently using simple spread sheets to document lease accounting details but the new standard will require much more sophisticated technology to deal with all the complexities involved, such as option periods and variable lease payments, differences between the accounting for real estate and equipment leases, and aggregation of complex calculations of rent and rent escalations.

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About Our Leadership

Sean T. Egan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Sean is co-founder and Managing Partner of iLease Management LLC and responsible for the overall corporate governance and strategy of the company. Sean retired from the accounting and advisory firm of KPMG LLP in 2008 after having spent 35 years with the Firm. Among his responsibilities while at KPMG were Managing Partner of the Hartford, Connecticut office and Partner in Charge of the Firm’s Northeast Real Estate Practice. His client responsibilities were focused in the financial services area and his clients included major national and regional financial services firms. From 2008 until 2010, Sean was Senior Vice President of a major technology company where he had overall responsibility for two of the company’s technology solutions for real estate managers and commercial and residential lenders. He holds a Bachelors degree from Fordham College and he is a CPA.

John J. Meedzan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
John is co-founder and Managing Partner of iLease Management LLC and responsible for the overall strategy and management of the firm’s technology. John has over 25 years experience in the strategic management of commercial real estate investment and technology within the financial service industry. Prior to iLease, John was a Managing Director/CIO of a Massachusetts based private equity firm that has acquired over $1 billion in commercial real estate assets throughout North America. John’s primary responsibilities included overall information management and business process improvement as well as, Investment Sales, Investor and Client Management, Acquisition Due Diligence and Asset Management of the commercial real estate investments. John has held a Massachusetts Real Estate license, the NASD Series 7, 63 licenses, and the PMI PMP certifications. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Saint Anselm College and a Masters in Information Technology from the Van Loan School at Endicott College.

William S. Watson, Advisor
Bill serves as the Chairman and EVP of TLX Inc a company that he co-founded offering an automated solution for airlines to manage their crew hotel layover process. He was formerly COO and EVP of Best Western International, the world’s largest hotel chain and served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing at ITT Sheraton Corporation where he had responsibilities for travel industry marketing, worldwide strategic planning and the ITT Sheraton Reservations Corporation. He has been on the boards of public companies including Micros Systems Inc and Signature Inns and private companies such as Passkey Inc., which experience enables him to bring a unique focus to consulting clients. Bill also served as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of Pegasus Systems, Inc., and the holding company for The Hotel Industry Switch Company (THISCO) and the Hotel Clearing Corporation (HCC). His work in developing THISCO was cited by Dan Tapscott in his book, The Paradigm Shift, as one of the top ten examples of “having the visionary thinking required for success in today’s world of electronic marketing.”

Jason Green, Advisor
With a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and a Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, Jason's experience is highly technical and widely varied. His career has included research and development of digital electronics and laser radar systems for the Department of Defense, as well as development of satellite-based lasers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for studies of the Earth's changing climate and global ice caps. More recently, he co-founded Adfluence, Inc. and ran it for over 8 years – creating data-driven marketing technologies for Financial Institutions all over the country. In 2013, Code Green joined Welch ATM to more aggressively grow the CodeGreen offerings and to apply their marketing technology approaches to the ATM industry.

Spicer Matthews, Technical Advisor
Spicer is the CEO of Cloudmanic Labs in Portland Oregon which focuses on building cloud-based software solutions. Cloudmanic has developed Skyclerk, an accounting and bookkeeping solution, Heapless for supporting a paperless office and Evermanic to streamline Evernote note taking. Cloudmanic Labs is the developer of iLeasePro and iLease Management LLC looks to Spicer as its Technical Advisor to ensure optimal technical functionality and performance within the cloud.

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