Providing an easy to use and cost effective solution to the FASB ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard Changes

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  • No Contract Required

    Monthly subscription with no contract required. The iLeasePro cloud-based infrastructure allows our subscribers to leverage a state of the art technology with less capital expense by reducing spending on technology infrastructure, software, system backup and data recovery and labor costs associated with IT.

  • Rapid Implementation and Setup

    Rapidly deploy and integrate across your organization. No upfront infrastructure acquisitions or planning required. Customizable setup with intuitive online help and training available. Instant access for your U.S. domestic workforce. Do you have your lease information in another system or in excel? Let us know and we can help import this into iLeasePro

  • Centralized Lease Portfolio

    iLeasePro offer the ability for you to harmonize disparate lease information into one comprehensive lease portfolio by centralizing lease data in a single repository. This functionality increases access, visibility, and traceability of critical lease related data including lifecycle dates, lease asset expenses, contractual documentation and accountable resources.

  • Highly Customizable and Scalable

    Customize iLeasePro with context that your company understands to streamline business processes to allow your business to increase productivity and accuracy of information. iLeasePro will grow as your business grows. Realize instant scalability through the ability to enter unlimited number of leases, increase of the number of users allowed to access the system, value added features and functionality, and unlimited storage. Ability to customize user security hierarchy, access rights, and user groups/subgroups.

  • Secure access from anywhere

    iLeasePro has been developed to address the needs of your globalized workforce and offer your team 24/7/365 web-enabled access through secure user and password authentication and entitlement process to ensure secure accessibility to your critical lease data using any Internet connection and browser or Mobile device.

  • Unlimited Number of Users

    Every subscription plan offers full access to your entire organization (not just a single user). This ability to collaborate in a cross functional environment is essential to empower all resources to easily validate and have instant access to critical lease data to increase understanding of the associated legal, financial, and business implications.

  • Superior audit and data verification

    Superior audit and data verification features have been incorporated into the development of iLeasePro. Data changes are captured and time stamped to allow for after the fact audit and review. Reports can be archived and saved so that critical historical information is readily accessible.

  • FASB ASC 842 Lease Accounting

    iLeasePro provides lessees the ability to create consolidated general ledger entries that comply with the changes to the FASB Lease Accounting standards - Leases ASC 842. iLease Management has been monitoring the Boards' lease accounting project since 2011 and has incorporated the required changes into its lease accounting feature. iLeasePro easily integrates with your current accounting system to ensure full compliance without having to purchase a new accounting system. Our Lease Accounting pages offer more detailed information

What is iLeasePro?

iLeasePro offers an uncomplicated approach to lease accounting for Lessees & Tenants of real estate and equipment leases.

iLeasePro is a cost effective, cloud-based Lease Accounting and Lease Management technology solution that raises transparency, supports information sharing capabilities and efficiency to the lease portfolio of Lessees.

iLeasePro offers mid-market companies the ability to comply with the FASB ASC 842 Lease Accounting Standard changes.

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